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I want to improve the social fabric of my neighborhood, and I'm willing to try things outside the Overton window to do it. I don't want to "flourish" alone -- it's better with friends.

It's hard to deeply connect with the community around us. I live in an amazing neighborhood, but there aren't many opportunities for new friendships to form. There are many social events that result in shallow connection, which is ok. These usually involve drinking... or at least eating poorly. This is also ok -- it happens to be the lowest common demonimator activity.

But I don't want ok. I want great. I want to create opporutinies for deep friendship with my neighbors. Ideally, we won't poison ourselves while doing so. There needs to be:

1) A cool thing... some reason to gather.

2) Minimal baggage -- no idealogical zealotry, no committments, no pressure.

3) Async -- it's ok if we aren't all literally together every time.

I tried a different version of this 6 months ago -- I'm iterating on that idea, applying the lessons learned & honing the mission.