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Economic efficiency is important... and also weird. The idea of storing "value" to spend later is a problem we humans invented for ourselves, but it matters enough to sweat the details.

I'm more of a BTC maximalist every day, as I'm continually surprised by how short of the liberterian utopia every new project seems to fall... and I'm mostly uninterested in financial speculation.



I've worked here full-time since October 2021.



I ran 30+ Helium hotspots on my friends rooftops for a few years. It went really well for a while.

details and pictures


I ran nodes for a bunch of different proof-of-stake blockchains. I learned a lot about incentives and made a lot of money (almost).

details and pictures


I helped build a POKT staking pool, and at one point we had 40 dedicated machines in Hetzner (in Germany). We were running nodes for 10+ different blockchains and serving data in real-time to end users. It was fun to game the performance using web2 hacks (Cloudflare edge workers, etc...).

But, the price of POKT crashed, and I couldn't save it in time. Also, because of how the frontend was structured for developers, POKT had to censor OFAC uncompliant transactions... which is antithetical to the point of decentralized infra.

But, I did make this video.