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Sauna Share (2023)



Men encouraging one another, improving their health, and having fun.

Deeper friendships in the neighborhood.

Some people in a sauna


  • Provide a cool reason to gather (saunas + cold plunges are trendy)
  • Keep it fun
  • Make it as easy / unambiguous as possible (maybe a sign-up system?)



To validate the cold-plunge idea, I bought a cheap cold-plunge container (a stock tank from Tractor Supply Co). I filled it with water & ice (from the gas station), and invited another dad over for a cold plunge.

It was fun! But it took $20 worth of ice... which won't work long-term. Also, it was short & tough to have a real conversation. It would be better with a sauna (or both... "contrast therapy" if you want to sound fancy).

So, I sold some crypto & bought a pump / filter / chiller... and a barrel sauna. This works for the Swedish people, so I'll just copy them, with an American twist. I'm going to think about how to make it as easy / fun / not-weird as possible for friends to sign up. I bought the domain, just in case.