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Help 1 person (2023)


This was a failed experiment, but it informed my approach to sauna share.


I want to help people grow into the best version of themselves. I want us all to be awesome. I want to scale my pursuit of physical excellence to 1 person, and then to many.

An AI-generated image of 2 lean guys making food

This friend is a badass with a high likelihood of success.


This is too much work -- I now understand why personal trainers charge money.

I'm going to try something more general next.

// I did this for a few weeks, here's how it went:


He's insanely type-A and has successfully bulked. He needs to lose 20 lbs while doing the best work of his life in the office (can't sacrifice mental energy). He's tried unsuccessfully to cut for a few weeks, mostly due to poor nutrition (work / travel / kids etc...).

He's had functional medicine doctors & fitness enthusiasts create tailored plans for him, but he will pick and choose different exercises & philosophies to try & hone in on the truth. This strategy is initially great for learning & correcting mistakes, but I fear he's hitting diminishing returns on new ideas around fitness. He needs consistency.

Let's get it!


1) Fix his nutrition.

  • Put him on a dead-simple plan (basically this)
  • Give him options for when he needs bursts of energy (less-bad alternatives to carby treats for energy)

2) Introduce some accountability.

  • Tie his success to mine. Don't let him fail privately.
  • Tighten his feedback loops. He's getting a dexa scan every 4 months. He needs feedback faster.


He's going to text me every morning, and I'll update his weight here: