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I'm always trying new stuff... it's fun!
(it's also a core component of my life's mission)

guy squatting with barbell on knees


December 2023: Trying Community Again

Sauna Share

June 2023: Scale it!

I'm getting better at optimizing my own body. Time to help others, 3 parallel efforts:

  • Help 1 person get absolutely shredded (progress)
  • Find a community & encourage it (progress)
  • Fix the healthcare incentives (Truemed)

April 2023: Cutting Again

Let's get shredded (again)!

March 2023: Bulk Results

My first on-purpose bulk

November 2022: Carby Cut

Can I cut fat without keto? (spoiler: no)

October 2022: Keto Cut

How much fat can I cut? (spoiler: I got shredded)

Results so far

  • Best mile time: 5:58
  • Bench: 315
  • Squat: 345
  • Deadlift: 460