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"Environments require certain sounds for specific purposes, especially a garden party, network function, product launch, festival or public/corporate event. Choosing styles of music from Classic jazz, Swing, Mainstream, Big band, Latin to Electro Lounge and Ambience, accommodating the surroundings.

Working with event organisers, planners and promoters for nearly 10 years has secured many functions in the private, public and commercial sectors, deliverinbg music that is truly memorable.

The Gazzini brand is soundscape consultancy, without using the DJ title that many people are familiar with, for the reason, this is at a different platform in knowing the brief and purpose of the function and how to deliver in a professional, but not conventional way.

Variety is just as important, having cross genres of music gives greater perspective and widescope ambience in bringing a venue to life as opposed to standard methods that may not be used in modern trends and cultures anymore ... I think they say: 'Move with the Times'."

Richard Compton

Soundscape Advisor



Since leaving school my passion has always been working within the arts from working as a partner at a recording studio, performing on national TV, to organising events and supporting peoples career paths.

Music is an area I totally am engaged with, and was honoured to endorse the highly branded bluenote label from EMI records from performing at many major festivals throughout the UK from the Isle of Wight, Cheltenham, Oxford to Twinwoods as resident music provider for six years - and now my seventh year at the Showman's Show.

My skills have developed in a way to ensure clients have the full co-operation to planning either an event or function and I was trained through an organisation that are international award winners with the service they provide.

The flexibility of bespoke audio planning requires strong knowledge for many platforms as each brand is measured on style, concept and identity. Jazz is just one area of music that can be broken down into at least 15 sub genres and each can add dimension bringing any venue to life - just take a look over recent years how this style of music has been used from TV advertising & product launches to networking events.

The Music I provide is from the best artists past and present, as the focus is towards the client, not the client distracted to the performing artist, except in situations when at times to dance the night away.

Each playset requires moments of highs and lows and this can only be achieved in reading the audience without any self indulgence, apart from this I am qualified in health & safety, risk assessments and event planning adding extra skills to my music knowledge and look forward to hearing from you, on how I can make you event come to life.

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