Experiment: Home Gym

This 3rd iteration of my home gym is AWESOME!!! (scroll down for earlier versions) December 2019 We moved The new house has an actual garage I put in good rubber floors (horse-mats from Tractor Supply Co) I built wooden stall-bars for stretches I got a smaller standing desk I have SO MUCH ROOM for activities Pros: So much more room Stall-bars are helpful for stretches (I started gymnasticsbodies....

January 7, 2020 · gazzini

Experiment: Electric Scooter

I moved After scooting for 2 years, I moved 3.5 miles away from work… with hills. Scooter can’t handle it (I tried) Driving is still for suckers I bought an electric bicycle I’ve used it to commute for 3 weeks. Pros: Smoother ride, very powerful on hills. More respect from cars & pedestrians Faster than driving Cons: It costs about 8x as much as a scooter....

October 25, 2019 · gazzini
screenshot of mcdonalds wifi portal

Experiment: McDonalds as a CoWorking Space

CoWorking Spaces Expensive Full of snobs who take themselves too seriously Scarce snacks, no barista Have to pay for an entire month up-front McDonalds Cheap No self-righteous “entrepreneurs” in sight (excluding myself) Lots of hot food, and a barista Day-to-day commitment, no contracts. Hypothesis I can work from McDonalds instead of a traditional co-working space. Conclusion Yes, but don’t. Method I did it for 2 days....

May 22, 2019 · gazzini