TL;DR: I’m building

Why am I building this?

Whatever, but why build this specific thing?

  • I used to be a lifeguard, now I’m a software engineer
  • I’ve built & sold a company that made a CRM for pool-service companies

What are my principles?

  • Build what users ask for
  • Build a product I enjoy working on
  • Go deep, not wide

That’s the whole strategy – time to execute!

Weekly Progress:


  • I got my first paying user 🎉
  • I waddled in ambiguity researching the volume vs weight problem, got nowhere (whoops)
  • I started coding work on scoop sizes, didn’t ship it yet
  • I decided to add a monthly pricing plan, but haven’t built it yet :)
  • 434 installs, 1 paid user


  • I created new forum categories to encourage users to post (it worked!)
  • I now have 1 real forum user (and he’s in the Netherlands!!)
  • I discussed some features with him (scoop sizes, chem names)
  • I talked with several friends about why they think I have 0 paying users
  • I emailed several users of my old app about paying for my new app, none seemed interested
  • I didn’t make any recipes or deploy any code (whoops)
  • 347 installs, 0 paid users


  • I got an email from a user of my old app asking me to support dichlor shock, so I made a recipe for it & posted in the forum
  • I made it possible to remix your own recipe, not just someone elses.
  • 264 installs, 0 paid users


  • I released the iOS and Android apps (built using React Native)
  • I released the recipe-editor
  • I deployed a forum (using Discourse) to avoid individual email-support in the future
  • 0 installs, 0 paid users