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If I can do this, then you can do it even better. I hope you find this actionable & inspiring... or that it provides a high-fidelity data point in your mental-map of how people optimize themselves.



  • Be patient, work in 6-month phases. Build muscle for 10+ weeks, then cut fat for 10+ weeks.

  • Always eat 200g protein / day. You will have to supplement with protein powder for this.

  • Re-arrange your environment if possible.

  • Make a specific plan.

  • Change your mindset on suffering. Stop focusing on the destination, become the type of person who enjoys discipline.

  • Consistency is king; this requires resolve.

  • You will always have injuries. Adapt.


  • It's much easier to cut on keto

    • Reduced cravings
    • Consistent energy levels
  • Pre-workout seems dangerous

  • Plant-protein is easier on the stomach than whey

    • Mix it up throughout the day!
      • 1 scoop of whey
      • 2 scoops of plant-stuff
  • Stop binge drinking alcohol

  • Stop drinking sugar

  • Eat a big breakfast

  • When cutting, if you just go to bed hungry then you're 90% there.


Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody want to lift this heavy-ass weight. I'll do it, though. Ronnie Coleman

Lightweight, baby!!! (while lifting extremely heavy weight) Ronnie Coleman

I know you can do better. Get up and try again. Ryu

There is no free lunch. youth coaches everywhere